Inez 1

Inez Nimpuno was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2006. After getting all the facts about the culprit, she told me that mastectomy is her only choice to ensure her chances to survive breast cancer. She is an active advisor/counselor/confidant to many women fighting breast cancer in Canberra where she resides and to those in many cities in Indonesia.

Inez 2

People call women with breast cancer warriors. Inez doesn;t like to be called warrior because in her opinion, “it tones down the glamour of being a survivor.”

Inez 3

As a medical doctor and a survivor, Inez makes an effective advocate and counselor. Her advice is well-sought and her talks are long-awated by those she supports in person and virtually through telecommunication.

Inez 4

In this picture Inez took a phone call from someone whom she advised. Toward the end of the call she broke down in tears. Inez hung up and turned to me saying that the caller, Astri Setyo Wahyuni, has agreed for me to photograph her. Inez also reminded me that I had to do it as early as possible because Astri may not survive.

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