The Battle We Can Win

© Maggy Horhoruw

This is an ongoing photo essay project about breast cancer. I started meeting women who are survivors of breast cancer, interviewing and photographing them in December 2014. These women whom I have the honor to photograph have truly touched and enriched my life. I do hope everyone is inspired by their life stories.

The aim for the project is to raise awareness about breast cancer–how it affects individuals who survived it, are still fighting through it or lost to it. I will post accounts of breast cancer survivors who allow me to capture their lives in images and share their stories. Should you wish to share your own story or you know friends who would like to share theirs, please contact me.

In the meantime, I hope we all can learn from these personal stories and embrace their fighting spirits as ours.

Sarah     Inez     Astri     Endah     Cath

P.S.: Learn more about breast cancer in English or Indonesian.

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