Lunar New Year

© Maggy Horhoruw

Last time I went to Petak 9 area in Chinatown, Jakarta was 6 years ago. I took my niece and my sister in law to walk around the alleys of Chinatown on new year’s eve to see some of the temples in that area. This year (2015) I went there on New Year’s day in the morning with friends.

The temple was jam packed. There were at least two TV stations reporting live from the temple and many more reporters trying to get quotes from devotees and temple management. Plus visitors like me with our cameras, big and small. We’re the ones that make the temple’s courtyard unnecessarily crowded.

I couldn’t stand the smoke inside the temple so I didn’t get that many indoor shots. I should have worn my anti-pollution mask and swimming goggles so that I can survive the thick smoke. I saw a couple of the temple helpers wears googles and some wear masks. I should remember to do that next time.

In the meantime:

新年快乐 / Xin Nian Khuai Le / Selamat Tahun Baru

恭喜发财  / Gong Xi Fa Cai  / Semoga Banyak Rejeki


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